Trickery From Within Trust

The friends who lie,

Deceive and mislead.

No matter what is said, a lie for one to be fooled.

All a lie from one to another.

The hurt caused,

Misleading someone,

Moving them along a path not their own.

Owned by the lie.

A trickery from within the comfort of trust.

Trickery from a person of trust,

A kind friend, was kind, was caring.

Now just a horrid trickster,

Hurting and hurting,

A happier lie, does it make bliss?…

No, a happy lie caused temporary alleviation,

Only to follow a deeper darkness.

Dark in its substance,

Dark in its reaction,

Dark to the loss of trust,

Dark to the once-friend turned trickster.

Left without one to trust, as the trickster tore you apart.

Left without trust as you were hurt.

By those you trusted.

Those who said they were there.

All a lie,

From within the trust the trickster sheds their false facade.

Leaving nothing but broken destruction in its wake,

A broken situation,

Broken mind and hurt living.

With no one left to turn to.

Wanting to cut all off.

To save myself the pain.

Of trusting the trickster,

To prevent the trickery from within the trust.