Better To Forget

Better to forget,

For the feeling,

The pain caused, within my own mind. The place being.

The times made, times caused,

Times to forget and let go.

Let go and let be.

To be and go on.

To pick up the pieces and to move on.

To go on and find my place.

To find and to make the worth it.

To solidify and make whole.

To live in the being,

To make it worth it while whole.

While I haven’t faded to dust.

It is better to forget and let it fade to dust.

To let it go and be fine.

But it never is.

Never is worth remembering.

The feeling the pain, the being.

Out In The Sun

Out in the sun,

Warmth on my skin,

Light all around,

A cool drink in hand.

The warm summer sun,

All good, all content.

Outside and living life,

Using the summer sun,

The endless warmth.

The cool breeze.

That summer sun and all it provides,

Out in the sun.

Another day, another time.

Another warm day out in the sun.

From the day’s sun till the dead of night.

Out in the warm summer sun.