Those Blank Spaces

The blank spaces,

Those empty moments,

Being in the present,

Thinking of what’s to come,

In disarray,

Lost in those blank spaces.

Trying to find meaning,

Find reason.

The blank spaces I find myself in.

The blank spaces I live in.

I want to be.

Looking for purpose.

Trying all I can to find.

Don’t know how,

Don’t know where.

I try, in the face of adversity,

In the face of those blank spaces.


3 thoughts on “Those Blank Spaces

    1. Thanks so much Nyx, thanks so very much. Stress of what to do next, what after that, how to do that, the feeling of burdening others, my demons inside, my capability and worry and disbelief in my ability and lots of other stuff like that is all getting to me intensely.

      Feel exhausted doing nothing and paralysed by worry to do something to help the situation.

      Thanks Nyx, as always it means the world your kind words,

      With all this I haven’t even had time to check new poems on all the sites of people I follow, will have to get round to it.

      Liked by 1 person

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