Broken Pile

Broken pile,

Shattered without direction,

Without hope,

Wanting and willing and bringing into being,

and in an instant, dashed.

Left broken in a pile.

My empty contentment,

The burning in my side.

The goal in my mind,

Without a path in sight.

The emptiness that I am left with,

The way the world spins,

The way I move, am passed.

Finding myself in seclusion,

An escape,

A peace away from torment,

A distraction,

A meaning.

Others may embrace it,

The life,

The distraction,

The forms.

I see it for what it is.

The false lies told to oneself,

Hiding from the truth, inside and out.

Oh how I am left in broken pieces,

As is everyone else.

Only that I am cursed, not able to unsee this fact.

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