Petrified Sights

Those petrified sights,
Within my mind’s eye,

An image, causing great pain and hate.
Reminding, projecting, thinking and pondering.
Giving me such emotion,

Rage, anger, sadness, disappointment and uselessness.
All coming from fictiousness,

Swirling and controlling my mind.
Ripping through my skin,
Grasping my heart in fist.
Wrenched from its place.

The inevitable outcome of these petrified sights.

Shock, wreck and hate.
Gained from pure fictitious nightmares,
Torture of the mind’s eye:
Of what could, what would, what might.

Coming to your bedside, your mind’s side,
Illiciting a response,
Hatred, despair, sorrow.

The sights that populate my mind.

Leaving me petrified.


5 thoughts on “Petrified Sights

    1. Thanks! x

      Just been in a long rut. Even when ‘alright’ feeling empty, with no direction, no clue how to find one. Worried about things, worried about how I am, feeling incompatible with life. The way I think, the way I feel.

      Thanks! x I hope you’re okay, I haven’t heard from you in a while

      Liked by 1 person

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