Through the pain and darkness,

Pulling off the shroud of darkness,

The dark influence fading away.

Filled with rage and determination. You banish the demon.

Away from you, exiled into darkness.

Running along the path,

Strength flowing through you,

Through this salvation.

The rush, the feeling.

Stretching your arms and grabbing the world.

Stretching your arms and taking control.

Making your mind your own,

Throwing off the dark figure, the doubt.

Running into the light.

Towards salvation.

2 thoughts on “Salvation

  1. Thanks! Never really thought of it like that. I was thinking things over, had an aim, to break away from my mind, free of some constraints and limitations and commit fully to a career aspiration and lifestyle that I wanted.

    So you’re right seeing what I was talking about before I even saw 😊


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