Mind’s Questions

The mind’s questions,

I rattle and wreck my mind,

Looking for a hint, an answer,

Painful the question burns.

Better the feeling than the lack of,

Better now than the pain,

Yet it still comes,

Better, nicer and upward looking?

Able to express and think,

Think and question,

Question debate and have fun.

Those small moments talking.

The questions of my mind,

Arise in the mist of uncertainty,

My mind a haze uncleared.

All I know erased.

Clinging on to all I know,

To find that I do not.

Questioning what is.

When it’s found out not.

My mind’s questions,

A hazy background.

Unclear and sometimes hurtful.

Wondering the pain,

Searching through uncertainty.

But yet.

My mind is still filled with questions.

The questions linger there.

In the haze. The most. The uncertainty.

Of my mind.