This Blissful State

The blissful path,
Open rays of light, touching my face,
The warmth of the summer sun,
The gentle breeze,
The silence and the sound.

The blissful path I walk,
The ‘real’ behind reality.
The simplicity of bliss,

Surrounding my every move,
In my moment,
Walking the blissful path.

Feeling content,
Building this path,
From the kindness and care of reality.
The warm sunlight,
Breaking through the clouds,
Bringing life to all.

The lush green leaves,
Outstretched in their relaxed glory,
Animals wandering,
The blissful state…
This blissful state.

Blissful simplicity,
Small happenings,
Dyed with golden shine,
Embued with happy feeling.

Time’s onward march,
Embracing the path,
My blissful path,
My blissful state I make myself.

Through this blissful state.