That True Feeling

That true feeling,

The one that lasts,

The one that stays,

Lives on and makes the whole world bright.

The feeling to move past,

With even the mere memory,

The true feeling,

An ever-reminder.

Holding onto the feeling,

The smile burn into my memory,

The jittery feeling I cannot explain.

The contentment from;

Nothing in particular.

The time passed, yet living on.

The true feeling I had not known.

Cannot forget,

But also try not to forget.

Someone, who cares,

Even for nothing, they are there.

Small conversations,

That change my day.

Support, unconditionally.

Just to try and make them smile.

As they had touched my life.

Supporting in times of trouble.

The tears at our goodbye,

Forever etched into my mind.

Not the last goodbye.

A lot I left unsaid.

A promise I made,

To remember the true feeling.

To better myself.

To be who I am and can,

As you’ve changed me.

Made me see I am not alone with my quirks.

To better myself,

To be who I am and can.

To be the best me.

This I remember.


Until the next golden moment,

I get to see you,

And thus I go on.

Remembering this true feeling.