Paths Intertwined.

The paths intertwined,

Intricate and simple.

All encompassing and separate.

Connected in all those little ways.

The people we meet and hold dear,

A meeting by chance.

A “hello” risked.

Conversation flourishing.

To make life feel bliss.

The moment chatting when everything is understood,

When you’re understood and understand.

The little paths we all take,

Some connect, others collide.

Very few make a splash and enhance what came before.

To prop up, until foundations are strengthened,

Until you’ve done the same.

These paths intertwined into ever complexity.

To brighten the darkest day,

Enlighten the closed mind.

To build lasting paths that strength and withstand the test of time.

Life Lived, Lessons Learned

Life lived, lessons learned,

Through all the the mistakes and time.

To make me who I am.

The formative struggles.

The life outstretched ahead.

The twists and turns.

The jagged path.

The place I move.

Through the river of life,

Its currents, rapids and calming flows.

The places seen and to see.

The path outstretched.

Not knowing where it may lead.

The lives met down the flow.

In its depths and the calm.

The destination to be met,

The path to be taken.

To flow with, against and in.

The live lived and lessons learned.

The path shown and path unknown.

The path to go,

And to make my own.

The path my own.

Of this ever-current’s flow.

The life lived. mistakes made. In the onward flow.