Living In Another Moment.

Living outside time,

In another moment,

Another time.

The feeling, the memory, the reminder.

The world created from a snapshot.

Living in another moment,

A blank canvas being painted on.

Reminder of another moment.

Another time.

Been uprooted from my spot.

Taken, and now living in another moment,

Another world.

Sea Breeze

The rough sea breeze,

The sharp waves crashing on the sand,

The blank horizon.

The blank white of the sky.

Emcompassing a calm,

The real, the nature

And the ideal.

Life in its individual.

The small movements of people in their lives,

The changes to be had.

The times to see.

The ocean sound.

Music of nothing,

A calm rhythm.

A reminder of what is, to be.

In this sea breeze.