After So Long Having Lost My Way

After so long having lost my way.

The dark skies part,

Revealing the ever-present, but hidden sun.

The warm sun shining on my face.

The path clearing ahead.

The moments. Shared. Felt. Lived.

Finally found my way,

To the land of the living.

The times and feelings,

Once lost to me.

Brightening the sky.

Shining in radiant light.

Living in a world, ever-glowing.

Ready to pass the darkness that comes my way.

To stand and hold firm.

Renewed. Rejuvenated.

To stand firm, my friends beside me.

And I, always besides them.

Through those tough times,

Those rough places.

To hold firm and make it together,

To hold out a hand,

After so long having lost my way.

I have found and been found.

After so long having lost my way.