Holding On

Holding on, to those small moments,

The memories to drown out the bad times.

The laughter and chatting,

The small embrace,

A reminder for those worse times,

To move through,

To hold on.

Small messages.

Reliving the moments.

Making new moments.

Out of nothing.

The understanding,


The small chatting,

An understanding among strangers.

A connection from nowhere,

Yet so meaningful.

A time to always brighten my day.

And here I hold on.

Until we meet again.

And I can show you.

It’s worth holding on.

As you’ve done for me.



A ghost walking through the thicket,

Silence in the air,

But for the crunching leaves beneath my feet.

A slight whisper as water splashes all around,

Insects cry out.

I. Walk through.

Invisible. Unreacting. Observing.

I stop. Turn my head.

Carry on walking.

The crisp leaves of my every step,

The whispering wind that blows so gentle.

The trees protruding, with their jagged embrace.

I notice. I walk on.

Time lacking, never ending.

I walk on. Wonder. Move on again.

The darkness falls,

The forest transformed.

The environment screams. In silence.

I walk unfeeling. Into. Through. Unnoticing.



Pandora, the threatening presence,
Willful test of reality
Shattering questions of being,
Offering questions of thinking.

Oh Pandora,
What you have found. Unlocked. Opened.
The questions that plague the world.

Pandora, the questions offered up to the world.
Questions come and stay,
Filling a world once real, with uncertainty.

Unlocking the box,
Unlocking the truth, the fake. The real and misbelieved.
This unlocking, a sea of thoughts rush out.

Thoughts, that cannot be put back.
Cannot be resolved.

Oh Pandora, unlocking truth into the world.
What have you done?
It is right.
But is the world ready?

Only time will tell.
With Pandora,
Unlocking unto the world.