Sunsets For Another Day

The sun sets for another day.
The light of a day, replaced by darkness,
A temporary state of affairs
Before the light of another day.

Before another renewed chance at being.
The mistakes of the past put behind,
The shroud of darkness.

The pink and orange sunrise,
The start of another day.

Goodbye and goodnight to the long darkness of the night.

A renewed day to come,

Reminiscing on the good memories.

Looking through those good moments,

Those meaningful photographs,

The reminder of your smile.

Sunsets into darkness,

To come to another day,

Just as when I met you.

Both of us forging our own way,

Sitting in the kitchen and chatting.

A renewal of being.

A placement of thought.

Ecstatic enthusiasm surrounding.

A totality of feeling.

Holding onto the reminder of those times,

Even as the sun sets yet again,

I go into the night happy,

Looking forward to what the new day brings,

To when I can see you again.

A text to brighten my day,

Wanting to hear about yours.

Until then? Sunsets come and go.

Yet another day is always on the horizon.

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