Only Time Will Tell

Only time will tell,
What may happen,
What will occur.
The places, people, chances,
Oncoming experiences,
Unknown future,
Waiting for the touch of experience,
The touch of the present.

An uncertain future awaits me.

One I’ll have to tackle and face.

Stand up in defiance,
And make my own.
To own it and make it.
Shape it and live it.

But only time will tell.

The people met and left.
The people met and kept,
The people, coming from nowhere,
Becoming close friends overnight.
The ecstatic feeling,
Meeting someone.
Who loves your quirks,
A person who you love as a person,
Little particulars and all.

But only time will tell.

The future,
My aims,
My path.
Standing at a crossroad,
Not knowing what path to take.
All shrouded with uncertainty.
I will step, choose a path.
And make of it what I want.

But only time will tell.