Luckiest Man Alive

Luckiest man alive,

Finding someone worthwhile,

Someone to make you smile,

Even those darkest nights.

Someone to be better for,

Her smile, to make my day.

A text that makes me crumble.

Racking my mind unintentionally,

Thinking of you,

Wishing you all the best.

Wanting to see you again.

Holding on to all lessons you gave me.

All you taught me.

To all the memories we shared,

Laying in your bed,

Talking and sharing our deepest thoughts, feelings and memories.

That drunken night.

The memories of all.

Wishing I told you.

Wishing I let you know.

I’ve been the luckiest man alive to have met you,

Felt understood,

Felt kindness.

Hoping I’ve shown you the same.

As you have to me.

The luckiest man alive.

To have met you,

To have known you.

Till we meet again.

I will not fail,

I look forward.

I’ll show you,

I must.

That I care,


You’ve made me the luckiest man alive.