A New Day

On comes the new day,

Just over the horizon,

A bright new start,

To put the past behind me.

To greet the new day,

As a new beginning,

A new time to shine.

A new start,

Experiences come and go,

The good and bad.

I am who I am,

And proud that fact,

No matter what anyone says.

A new day has started for me,

One that I will count.

As the start of a path.

My new path, direction.

Throwing out those who wish nothing but harm,

As I have started.

My new day.

In Those Smallest Moments

In those smallest moments,

Bliss and kindness found from the void,

Someone to brighten your day,

After you stopped looking.

The purity of those smallest moments.

The kindness in those nicest of times.

Waiting for the next,

Living each day in the light.

Living in each of those smallest of moments,

The memories, capsules of pure bliss.

Encapsulating the times of happiness.

The times that contrast so, with the darkness of the past.

A lighthouse to show the path out of the darkness,

Away from danger.

Unintended in those smallest of moments,

Pure in the kind compassion,

Afforded another human.

The times shared and held.

The times that saved me from darkness,

All captured. Important. Bliss.

In those smallest moments.

Sick of The Sorrow

Sick of the sorrow,
A constant pain,
From a toxin of the mind.

Time to cast it out.
To claim my life, my mind as my own.

To free myself,
From the pain.

Reminding myself of the light I have found.

The songs shared,

The kind words, understanding,

A change of outlook, and of mind.

The ease with which the storm can pass.

The sun can again shine.

All is needed to do,

To cast out the shadow and darkness.

Leave it to a long-forgotten past.

Sick of the sorrows,

On I move, into the light,

Difficulties may arise,

I have on my side,

The light to shine the path.

The golden times shared.

To cast out the demon.

The demons of my past.

An end to the sorrow.

Sick of the sorrow.

The sorrow.

Dead to me.

The sorrow fades as I cast you out.

Throw you away,

Leave you to darkness.

As I walk into the light.

Make a path of my own,

Fill it with kindness, care and compassion.

A world worth it all.

Moving into a world renewed.

Sick of the sorrow.

Rejuvenated and brilliant.

Shining like the summer sun,

The pearl’s beauty,

The rain’s enriching,

Sick of the sorrow that had consumed me.

Onwards and into the light.

Sick of the sorrow,

I move onwards into the light.