Should-be goodbyes

Should-be goodbyes,

Looking at the smile on a face,
Wondering, curious.
A should-be goodbye?
Should this be the way.

I do not know,
I want to help
I want to know.
Do not know if I can help,
If I can be one to help.

A trouble of caring,
Never being able to give it all,
Even giving my all.
An ever-question,
Ruminating in my mind.

A question,
Of me,
My ability.

Looking at the memories,
Reminiscing on those smallest of moments,
Sweetest of times,

I look on,
Through time,
Back into my memories.

All my troubles,
The issues I face.

Not wanting to bring another,
Into mine.
A should-be goodbye.

No matter the help,
You gave me.
How you said I helped you.

The feeling,
Wanting to give your all.
When your all cannot be enough.

A should-be goodbye?
An end of an era.
A sorely missed moment.
Always remembered.

A sorely missed- should-be goodbye.

Still The One I See

Still the one,

The one I see.

In those brightest moments,

In those darkest moments.

The one I see in the pure bliss,

In those depths of despair- to brighten up my day.

That time when all I can see is your smiling face.

The place to feel at home.

To feel I am being and being me.

To stand tall and know.

To stand tall and know.

What will come,

I make my own.

To break free and claim my life.

From the grip of darkness.

Into the light

Into my own.

Still the one I see,

The one I hope to help.

The one who’s helped me.