Killing Me Slowly

The emotions,

The pain,

The sadness,

Overwhelming yet also not.

Emptying even in my exhaustion.

Contemplating some foreign aspects.

Emptying myself like a cup.

Removing all that makes me- me,

All that makes me a being, a person.


As I sit here unfeeling,



Waiting hoping and losing.

Troubles pile on and I sit in astonishment.

Time moves on,

And emotions are killing me slowly.

Empty of Emotion

Empty of emotions,

Thrown out,

Killing all that feels inside.

Heart breaking,

But the only way to cope,

Broken in feeling and mind.

Thrown off from all that is known.

Thrown from a train.

Down to the pit.

I fall to be crushed.

I take this willingly.

To show the love I feel.

Trying to do my best.

Work my hardest,

To build the world around me with care..

To empty myself of emotion.

Break myself apart,

RIP the meaning away.

Leaving myself alone, hurt and afraid.

Stumbling for nothing, looking for anything !!