Surprising Encounters

Surpassing encounters,
Out from nowhere,
Meeting those who would only have gone past.

Amazing- these surprising encounters,
How they happen, pass and remain.
They come from nothing,
Yet also everything.
An interconnected multitude,
Of memories,emotions and choices.
To make an unexpected encounter.

A sharing of feelings, thoughts and ideas.
A crazy happiness to follow,
Feeling known, understood and helped.

Hard to believe all of this,

To come from an unexpected encounter.

Looking Back Fondly

Looking back fondly,
The memories and moments once shared.
Time has passed.
Things have changed.
Looking back fondly.

Circumstances have changed,
Now is not the same,
Not alike.
I miss the past,
The time spent,
Our conversations,
What we shared.
Looking fondly back.

Maybe all an illusion.
The inevitable death that time brings.
I cannot tell.
Was it all a lie?
It all for nothing?
Was it something.
I cannot tell.
Looking fondly back.

Memories, photos and feelings,
All to remind me,
Of what I found.
What you showed me.
How I tried to help.
Looking fondly back.

Looking fondly back,
I look on through my mind’s eye,
A tear running down,
Remembering the time found and lost.
Missed, left and dying.
Like I am inside.
Making of life,
To have it ripped from my chest.
I look fondly back,
Always will,
Remembering and happy-sad.
Looking fondly back.