Love, a very hard thing to find, define, accept, think about.

I would definitely not say I’ve found it, but over the summer, I came close.

Love is, to see ‘imperfections’ as perfect- small quirks, personality, special traits.
Someone, even sitting in silence, feels right to be around.
Unexpected, and out of nowhere.
Someone different to you, yet also unbelievably similar
Someone who helps you, without even an intention or other motive.
Someone who, shows you the world from a different perspective.
Even through loss, you are forever changed.
A text, or their happiness even from afar, completely changes your day.
A person, it just feels right to be right next to.
Where their smile melts you.
Someone, where you’re determined to better yourself, to show them, and also prove to yourself.

Someone whose happiness is what matters most, and it makes you unbelievably happy also.

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