Working Out

It all works out,
Being lost in the dark,
The flame,
Almost flickering out,
A cold icy breath,
Fighting to protect the last flame of light.

A fight of life,
The life, all to fight,
Life as a fight against darkness.

The warmth comes,
It all works out,
Worth the protection, worry and doubt.

To protect this precious flame.
This warmth of mine, of me.

This flame I hold,
Mine and of another,
Protecting, shielding and keeping.
It all works out.

This flame of mine,
Its beauty radiant,
Its warmth life-saving.
Precious, kind, little and fierce.

This flame of mine,
The night is coming.
Again, I’ll shield you,
Give you everything I have,
Give you my all.

For all you’ve given me,
My little flame.

It all works out.
My flame, in all your radiance, beauty.
It all works out.

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