Here I am,


This feeling,

The place I find myself.

The life I have made.

The efforts, sunshine and path.

The goals and aims.

Totally renewed.

Given- taking- a new lease on life.

The path I’m building.

The place I find myself.

Renewed and whole,

Whole and better.

Feeling total,

Being in my skin.

Shining and renewed.

To show the world- me.

To be the best I can be,

Totally renewed.

Holding On, to Avoid Letting Go

Holding on, to avoid letting go.

Those memories, faded and cloudy,
Like a rainy day,
As I look out the window,
Longing, thinking.
Holding on to the thought,
Holding on to every memory.

That flower begins to colour and fade,
Wilt and dry out.
No matter what I do,
Water, love and care,
To hold on.

Not wanting to let go,
Doing all I can to remember,
Keeping hold of those dear memories.
Not wanting to say goodbye.
Tears forming,
Battering my defences,
All consuming my mind.

The realisation.
I fight.
Trying to hold on-
To avoid letting go.

The way we lose contact,
Life moving on,
Steamrolling over my soul.
Moving on,
Holding dearly onto those memories.

The realisation,
An unwelcome guest,
A hurtful presence.

After having been found,
After showing me how to find-