A confident smile,
Able to take this step.
To command my stride.
To move and love the world.

Compassion, kindness and competence being my guide,
My arsenal.
The trials ahead,
No trial if I try.

Making my world my own,
Shown me the world,

I now make my own,

Shape to my aims.

Taken in my confident stride.

My core to guide me.

Compassion for all,

Kindness and care to be shown,

Confidence to help and try.

To shine and let the world notice.

To help those in trouble,

To give me all, giving my all.

To make the world,

One I want to live in,

One of kindness,

One of care,

Compassion is my sword,

With consideration being my shield.

Next to stride in confidence.

In myself,

I stride confidence.

Knowing me,

Who I am.

What I can do.

What I will do.

Throwing out the barriers,

What holds me back.

Here I’ll take my stride in confidence.

Writing this, thinking of L, of what she said, commenting on what I told her others said. Coming to the realisation that I can do it, my lecturers being impressed of my conversing competently with PhD students, at work being professional and helpful, doing archive work at a archive centre scanning digital negative. Come to a realisation of how so many people support and believe in me, when I never really have seen it. Realising it for now at least, in this moment. Especially everything L has done for me, and the comment by my lecturer who inspired and encouraged me to do my Masters, which has given me so much courage and happiness.