Kindness Out of Nowhere

Kindness out of nowhere,
The kindness that comes, out of nowhere
Out of place, but in total kindness.
Random and surprising.
A sense of comraderie,

The kindness of another,
For another.

Surprise at its form,
A sense of help, and of care.
From a stranger,
For help.

This kindness,
For everyone to follow.
To help.
Whatever capacity it may take,
Mere kindness to be seen,
To be felt,
To be kept and continued.

A care for everyone.
In the form, any form.

A kindness out of nowhere.

Context, I came across a wounded wild rabbit, out of nowhere a group of people came and stayed, to help in whatever way they could. In the end I phoned the RSPCA, and by that point someone else came and out of nowhere offered to take it to a vet. Kindness. Kindness to be rewarded.

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