Thinking Back

Thinking back on the night.
If it’s all in my head.

My head apart,
Thinking and falling for,
The way out of nowhere,
Thinking back on the night.
Crazy and amazing.
Unable to put into words.
The feeling,
On the night.
Continuing long past its finite grasp.

Taking hold of my mind.
Thinking back on that night.
How it all happened.
From nowhere.
Out of nothing.
Yet has grabbed hold of me.

Grabbed hold of my mind.
Such a beautiful smile,
A pretty laugh.

Sitting outside,
In contemplation.
What happened?
Did what I remember really happen?
Are the feelings real.
In disbelief,
But I cannot deny,
What I’ve felt since.

Thinking back, with a smile.
An amazing night.
Thinking back in wonder, in awe.
The surprise of such an unexpected night.

Thinking back.
Back on what happened,
How it is stuck with me.
Encapsulated me.
The night and the memories🐇.

Feel crazy, but I can’t deny.
The feelings that have stuck around.

Thinking back.

Open World

The open world,
Choice and pathways,
Open and outstretched.
Ready for the taking.

Shouting into the wind about the choice left outstretched.
To show yourself,
Who you truly are.
What you can be,
What you can become.

The place I find myself,
The times ahead.
The open reality ahead.
A path outstretched,
This open world ahead,
The open world waiting.

Open world ahead,
Bright and and for sure.
The open world ahead.
Waiting and hoping,
For the warmth.
The little things,

Of being around you.
This open world.
The open world ahead.
Open to greet me.
Mine to build.

An open world of my own.

Blushing Excitement

Blushing excitment,
A wonderous feeling.

Butterflies in my stomach.
My mind rushing, racing and still.
A single image.
Single place.

Everything normal,
With a concurrent feeling.

Finding myself lost in the music.
Occasions where I stop. Think. Look up. And blush.

This blushing excitement,
Making the world warmer,
Making it lighter.

Such excitement, a blushing excitement, to be found, already found.

Words escape me,
How can I capture this feeling?
Words cannot describe,
Though I try.
The feeling.
Explained in images:

The warm orange of sunrise,
The deep purple of twilight,
A small young bird, looking out into the world.
Surrounded by friendly faces,
Caring people,
Feeling found.

An excitement for the future,
For what is to come.
What I desire to make.
To show, to shine and to live bright.

All through this blushing excitement.