A Glimpse On But One Night

A glimpse on but one night.
One single night,
Feelin high, thinking back to that night.

Feeling free, happy and at home.
Complete ecstacy.
The feeling.
Lingering on.
Grasping hold of me.

A single night.
Bringing about this feeling.
Bright and happy,
Enthralled and in comfort.
Being free,
Being me.

To get to know you.
She’s so lovely.

Thoughts racing through my mind.
Thinking back to that night.
A single glimpse,
On but one night.
The freeful glee.

Feeling so.
Feeling so.
Oh how I’m feeling so.
On but one glimpse.
From one single night.



Looking up,
Looking out,
Into the wide world to come,
A happy warmth, to be found.
Has graced me with its presence.
Provided me meaning.

The burning passion and fire,
That had been so close to dying.
Flaring up,
Into a bonfire of hope, happiness and determination.
To make my all worth it.
To make it through.
To drag others into the light, when lost in the dark.
Owing it to myself, to others,
Who have helped me.

Finally the light has come over the horizon.
A moment I never thought would come,
Even as I was always told.

A burning passion deep within me,
Finally being found.
Burning from the deep,
To reach on high.

To shake life to the core,
Make it mine,
To make it know me.

Finally, the happiness has come and reached me,
A hand reaching through into the darkness,
Plucking me out,
Dragging me out,
Saving me from the consuming darkness.

Finding myself on the outside,
Owing to continue the work.
Finally living in the light,
The bright warmth of day.
To push myself into darkness and try to pull others out.

The light shall guide me.
Save me from succumbing.
Shall save me from downing.

Finally, the light and warmth as my armour,
To fight away the darkness.
To move into the light.


It has come.

I have made it.

It has made me.


She’s So Lovely

She’s so lovely,
The wavy hair,
The way is gently rests on a shoulder,
Eyes sparkling in the night.
Happy and outgoing,
The life of a party.

Deep, thoughtful and kind.
Beauty external and innermost.
Only but a glimpse.
Wanting to see more.

Crazy and out my depth,
Giving me butterflies,
Making me grin nervously,
At the thought.
Excited and can’t wait.

Oh how she’s so lovely.
Only having a glimpse.
Wanting to see,
How lovely she is,

Interests, thoughts and aspirations.
The person behind the image,
The person true.

Anticipation. Thinking.
Happy and meaningful,
So lovely.

So happy to dance alone by the roadside.
Thinking and gleeful.

Either way,
Whatever uncertainty has in store,
She’s so lovely.

Inspired by memory, and a song that came on my Spotify, reminding me. The song:
She’s So High – Tal Bachman