Looking Back On The Dark Past

Looking back on the dark past,

The waves of turmoil and turbulence,
Left to the confines of memory,
Ever real,
Yet faded.
Ever-present but subsided.

The demons peering out through the bars of their prison.
Smiling and waiting for a time to claw out.
Back to their prison,
Let them stay.

Looking back on the dark past.
The dark path left behind.
Relegated to my past.
The darkness behind me.

Smiling, at how far I’ve come.
Standing on the hill triumphant.

With the path ahead,
My own,
And not my demons’.

Demons relegated to the jail or torment,
They subjected me.

Forward I move,
Into excitement, happiness and bliss.
The world full open,
To make my own.
To forge my path
To grow and shed off the past constraints.

Unshackle my chains.
Break out of the darkness.
Shine a light where it never reached.
Armed with a torch to light up my darkness.
To push back the darkness of those I care for.

I forge my path,
Torch in hand,
Flame burning strong.
To help all who need,
To shine a light.

Looking back on the dark past,
The end of the long-dark night.
Mere looking,
I turn around to walk into the light ahead.
Turning my back on the darkness of the past.
Demons left to rot.
Left in darkness.

On I walk,
Into the light.

After looking back on the dark past.


Been doing better recently, a friend on my MoodTrack, is going through something similar, and when trying to help them out, offer them kind words, what has helped me, feelings of what it was like. They got me reminded of the dark past, the demons left behind but not completely gone. They inspired me to write this. Reflectively.

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