Holding Onto the Thoughts As I Feel Them Fade

Holding onto the thoughts as I feel them fade,
Fade away,
And off into the distance.

The memory, not in substance but feeling,
Feeling and meaning.

Offensive thought,
Fearful of the fading,
Afraid of losing the feeling,
This bliss.
Wanting to remember,
Grasping hold.

As I feel them fade.
Holding onto the thoughts.
Never letting go.
Remembering the feelings, the bliss and freedom.
How the feelings stay,
Yet also fade,
When I grasp hold, trying to remember.

To hold close,
And not let go.
To the feeling I encountered,
I felt,
I held,
The light bursting through all the darkness.

How I find myself holding on,
To hold close,
The feelings I found,
Even if they are only a happy lie.
I hold on,
In hope, passion and care.

Holding onto the thoughts and feelings,
To slow the fading.
To hold close those memories,
The deep care,
To avoid the fading into afar.