Thinking of You.

Thinking of you,
How it felt around you,
Your golden smile,
The way you dance.
The chats we had.

All shared.
Thinking, and pondering,
As I sit outside beneath the stary night sky.
The movement through life.
Energy as I breathe.
The chilly night made warm,
The mere thought of you.

Fun-loving and free,
That was so you,
You grabbed me within your spell.
Got me crazily in love.
Crushing all over you.
Within a single meeting.

A single time to encase me in a spell.
Trapped, gazing into the beauty of a pearl.
Pure yet also,
Perfect in place.

Looking into the night sky.
Laughing to myself.
Encapsulated by the memory.
The feelings returning.
The warmth resurging.

Calling out,
Into the depth of night,
My thoughts,
Thinking of you.
The pearl,
Beautiful and intricate.

A memory,
Thinking of you.
Remaining in the present,
Thinking of the past.
Anticipating the times to come.
Thinking of you.

Turning my day around,
Only wishing to be next to you.
To think.
To make the sun emerge,
Colours of brilliance.
Radiant and pushing out the dark.
Brightening the world before me.

Thinking of you.

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