The Warm Glow

A warm glow beneath,
The love, the care,
Against the adversity,
The doubt.
I remain,
To bask in the warm glow,
In the face of the realisation,
The hallucination.

Basking in this warm glow,
My feelings underneath,
Warm and glowing as the embers drift off,
Drift away into the cold dark.

I still remain,
Sit here clinging onto the last remains of a fire fading into the dark.
Through realisation,
Through revelation,
Being left to oblivion.

I cling on to the last bits of this flame.
Gaining strength from the warmth,
Empowered by the light.
Trying to keep it lit.

The memory to keep it going.
The lie as a necessary key.
To myself,
To keep.
The fire burning.
To keep hold of the warm glow.

Hoping to reignite the flame🐇,
The bonfire to-be.
The future lit by the bright flame,
Enough to put the Sun to shame.

Until the light returns,
I keep,
I shelter it,
Keep hold of if.
To keep it lit.
To keep it from the cold dark.
To make it through.

To give it new light.

I am here,
In warmth,

Holding onto the flickering light.
Protecting her,
This flame.
Against the oncoming cold depths of darkness.
Holding her, away from the cold.

Until it passed,
She reignites,
The flame turns into a bonfire,
To light the darkness,
Turn the cold, hot.

Until this time,
I remain,
Sheltering this warm glow.
Protecting with all I have,
All I can.

Sheltering this warm glow.

Calm End to a Tumultuous Storm

Calm end to a tumultuous storm,
The calm to come,
Through determination and distraction.

The dispersal of the storm,
A silent end,
A gradual decline,
The dispersal into nothingness.
Leaving only the calm in its wake,
Leaving the remnants in its place.
The end the storm,
The calm to come.

Memory of the Feeling

The memory of the feeling,
The happiness, sitting up at night,
And staring deeply into the nightsky.
The black depth,
The stary intricacies.

Losing myself in the depth,
Losing myself in the beauty of the memory.
And now I find myself,
Relying on the memory of that feeling.

Sitting back,
Wondering where it went,
The feeling, lost to a memory.
The feeling.
Lost to another time.

The memory, a mere shell of the feeling.
Unsatisfied with the mere memory.

Here I am.
Sitting here.
Left with but a mere memory,
Memory of the feeling.
The feeling past.
Reminiscing on the time, the memory, the memory of the feeling while remembering the time.

I sit here.

With the memory of the feeling.

Waiting Up For You in Vain

Waiting up,
To be close,
To be there,
Mind captured by thinking.

The times to come,
An impatience,
The painful wait.
To be by your side.
Waiting up,
For you,

Those times thrown from the ledge.
Knowing I’ve been.

I move on,
Wait up,
Wait for,
Thinking and wanting.
Trying to let go of the pain,
The pained feeling.

Remembering those moments,
Impatient to see you,
Knowing I’m a fool, of myself.

Either way,
I find myself,
Waiting up.
Encapsulated by you,
But needing to forget.
The time,
Relegated to the past.

Thinking back to the feeling,
Of pure ecstasy,
The happiness,
Thinking of you,

I still find myself, sitting, thinking, waiting.
Hoping to see you.
I find myself,
Waiting up for you.

Waiting up for you in vain.

Sad Realisation

The feeling,
Dropping through your heart,
Displacing it,
Throwing it out of centre.
Throwing me out of place.

My mind thrown from the ledge I created.
My tower I built,
Crumbling before me.

Throwing me out of place.
My sad realisation.
Dropping through my stomach.
A sadness, claiming worth.
A sadness stating place.
Solidifying its base.

The mind throwing itself into circles,
My mind trapped in a maze.
Sad at falling for the trap of my own creation.
My own believing.
Having to go on.

Blind to my own realisation,
The one hitting me now,
So great.
Striking down the walls of my own thinking.
The foundations eroded.

All to do is to look up into the sky.
Getting absorbed in oblivion, in existence.
The void,
The existence.
A world formed before my eyes.
Taken away, ripped apart.
Before my eyes.

My own trickery,
Coming back to haunt me.
As I suspected it might.
To good for truth.
A time, an illusion.

A sad realisation for me.
My sad realisation.
The uncovering to be expected.
What I was blind to see,
Knowingly or otherwise?
Realisation hitting me.
Throwing me,

Oh this sad realisation.
The moment.
Turning in my mind.

A moment,

The sad realisation.