Memory of the Feeling

The memory of the feeling,
The happiness, sitting up at night,
And staring deeply into the nightsky.
The black depth,
The stary intricacies.

Losing myself in the depth,
Losing myself in the beauty of the memory.
And now I find myself,
Relying on the memory of that feeling.

Sitting back,
Wondering where it went,
The feeling, lost to a memory.
The feeling.
Lost to another time.

The memory, a mere shell of the feeling.
Unsatisfied with the mere memory.

Here I am.
Sitting here.
Left with but a mere memory,
Memory of the feeling.
The feeling past.
Reminiscing on the time, the memory, the memory of the feeling while remembering the time.

I sit here.

With the memory of the feeling.

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