Always There

Always there,
Always kind.
To protect when I can,
To help always,
To console in the times of darkest need.

A care,
A motive I cannot explain.
A gut instinct,
A desire to help.
The enthusiasm your smile brings,
Enough to melt ice, or to end the night.

Just to offer my all,
A mere kindness, though small.
It’s what I have to offer, what I can.

Through thick and thin.
I’ll always be there to help.
A pact for myself,
Fulfilling kindness.

The care I cannot explain.

That care.
Always there.

Saving Me

Saving me,
That morning,
As I was drying dishes,
You made an effort.
You made an attempt.

Time went on,
We drank,
Cooked meals,
Shared deep chats,
Time went on.
I grew fonder.
You tore me apart,
Getting to my feelings.

You saved me in my time of need,
Saved me in my depths.
Reached into the darkness,
Gave me a ladder to climb.
A time never to forget.
Always in my memory.

For what you did.
For what I wanted to offer,
To show my care.

Betrayal of a True Friend.

Betrayal of a true friend.
The pain of trust,
The pain being shown up.
Of all being said not trustworthy.

An aching heart,
Aching head,
Trying to continue on.

Cutting off,
The betrayal.
There comes a time,
To cut off what hurts.

When the infection spreads.
Remove the limb.
Even if the cost is great.

The cost is already too late.
For my mind,
Unable to trust,
When they lie,
Strategise and mislead,
In the guise of my best interests.

It’s in fact,
A mere betrayal of a true friend.

Looking Away

The times spent, looking away.
To save myself from trouble.
To keep on, believing the lie.

I look away to save face,
To save my heart.

Looking at the memories,
And turning my back.
Sad and reluctant.

Unable to think.

Knowing I have to look away.

Having to look away.
To cut off and hate
To end my thoughts.

Looking away.