Nothing More Beautiful

Nothing more beautiful,
Than the sharing of mind,
Sharing of kindness,
Of soul.

Etched into time, into location.
Echoing eternally, throughout existence.
Brought into being,
From the smallest of moments.
The slimmest of chances.

Nothing more beautiful, your hand in mine,
My mind open to you,
Letting you in.

Sharing my fears, hopes and feelings.
Sharing your troubles, love, and hurt.

To hold you close,
As you do me.
Not letting go,
Together facing the world.
Darkness unable to touch us.
Our path, clearing the darkness.
One light to support the other when flickering.
Turning a flame to a firestorm of passion and care.

Holding your hand,
Sharing this moment.

In this very moment.
All is perfect.
You are there.
Sharing this with me.
Nothing more beautiful.

Getting to know another,
Share with another.
A moment to live on.

Nothing more beautiful.

Some music inspired this, Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now, but the poetry came from my heart and thoughts.