The Feeling.

The feeling.
A moment wished could last a little longer.
Knowing it cannot.
Knowing it will end.

I cannot explain.
Flipping my world upside down.
In bliss, ending.

Wanting to be there.
To take troubles all yours.
Onto my shoulders,
Just to alleviate yours.
Love unending,
Despite a time that will.

I keep on.
Keep sincere.
Holding dear.

Waiting up always to make sure you’re okay.
And when not?
I’ll always be near.

Your darkest moment alone.
I’m always there,
If so wish.
To hold your hand.
Face the world.
And we’ll make it clear.

To hold you up,
When the waves try to consume you.
I’ll never let you fall.
And if you do.
I’ll never let you fall alone.
I’ll be beside you the whole way.

I’m stronger than I was.

Will be. There for you.

A poem/blog. Trying to explain the feeling.

That I know I cannot.

Cannot. Not enough words to describe.

No friends to listen and hear me out.

But I feel.

The feelings.

Unfeeling Pain

The unfeeling.
The pain that comes.
“Not good enough”.

The pain that comes,
Always from the meeting,
Bliss amazing,
But shrouded in pain.
Pain from the past.

Pain I wished I could shed.
Hardening myself.
From pain.
From the hurt.

My only response.
Unfeeling in my pain.
To cope.

Trying so hard it breaks me.
Hurts me.
Wish I could be better.

The only response I know is unfeeling of the pain.
The unfeeling in the face of great pain.
Pain and wanting to be better.
But constantly hurt.

Only unfeeling in the face of pain.
This unfeeling pain.