Illusion of Feelings

In my illusion of feelings.
Feeling itself not illusory,
The potentiality.

Until I can’t pretend,
To myself,
That I don’t care.

Unable to chase away,
The feelings,
That warm me inside,
Light a fire in my soul.
Yet may leave me blind and lost.

The illusion of feelings.
It slips past your notice.
Until the feelings grasp at your heart.
Encircle your mind.
Keep you warm.
Until, the time of choice.

The time of choice,
Constrict or free.
To tear your heart from mind,
Or to leave you in bliss unknown.

By my side.
Quiet, pretty.

The figure of feeling,
Somewhat there and not.
An illusion unknown until the choice.
The collapse of the superposition.

To continue,
To be decided.
The warmth, addictive as it is mysterious.

An illusion I follow,
For now.
An illusion I like,
Until it pains me.

This illusion of feeling I follow,
Illusion I value.
The hope the illusion gives me.
Meaning. Hope. Feeling