Too Good To Be True

Too good to be true,
A sadness to my understanding.
Counterpoint to my feeling.

Ignoring what I feel.
But ever-so harder.
To confine my feeling.

Feelings return,
Warm and better.

Too good.
A constant reminder.
Too good.

Dampen my hopes,
To avoid the pain.
Pain of loss.
Hurt from love.
Hurt from caring too much.

Caring too much.
The pain this causes.
Worth it to feel the warmth on me.

I remind myself,
Of the past.

This feeling,
The care,
Too good to be true.

Finally Feeling

Finally feeling,
Finally feeling good,
Warm, nice and content.

A world of feeling.
Unable to explain.
The words escaping me,
The warmth of the sun, rising from the depths of night.
The happiness of a child, oblivious and free.
The freedom of an eagle, flying above all constraints.

I have found myself,
I have.
Finally feeling.

Finally free.
Running through all that stands in my way.
With care,
And happiness.

The moment of finding.
The moment of feeling.
The freeing nature of being.

The uncovering.
The escaping.
The kindness that comes with being,
When one is found, when one finds.

A long time coming.
Long-time in the waiting.
Content and along the path.
Making my own path.
Freeing and running.

Off I go.
In feeling.


Finally freeing.