Greatest of Days, Sweetest of Nights

The greatest of days, sweetest of nights.
Blissful moments,
Sweet sunrises,
Blissful nights.
Peaceful minds,
At rest. Sweet and happy.

Those moments,
Rare to come by.
Perfect in acuality.
The sweetest reality.

Perfect in being,
Demons drifting,
Fading away.
As they never were.

A moment,
A feeling,
To be grasped in reality,
Held in memory.
Cherished in the past,
Through a bright future to come.

“Come with, the future’s bright”.
The truth,
Not often seen.

Golden when found.
Precious, calling into the darkness of the past.
Scaring the darkness away.

Forcing my way into the light.

The happiness to be found,
Life to be held,
Heart felt,
Those greatest of days, sweetest of nights.

The Trial

Time for the trial,
The Trial of an age.
My time for triumph.
My time to show.
Achievements for my taking.

To show what I can do.
To make my mark.
Claim what is in my grasp.

Make the parts my whole.
Time to show my trial.

To make my world mine.
Nevermind the demons in their wake.
Nothing I won’t achieve,
I’ll be working at it until I do.

Time for my trial.
To show what I can do.
Working at it throughout all.
And making it my own.

One Worth It

One worth it,
Waiting, one worth the wait,
Worth my care,
My love.

Out there,
To be revealed,
When I least expect.
In those smallest of moments.

One, to care for,
In all their times of need.
Willing to let me in.
One to rely on,
Who knows,
They can rely on me.

To face their demons.
My hand in theirs,
The whole way.
To face mine,
With them,
By my side.

To conquer the darkness,
And walk out stronger, victorious.

Worth the wait.
To find the diamond.
A diamond in the rough.

Beauty in an unexpected place,
An unexpected moment.
A person flawed,
But beautiful all the same.

Thinking about love,care and what it means to me to share yourself with someone who wants to do the same. Such beauty can be found, in such unexpected places. Perfect in their “imperfections”. A subjective beauty, subjective perfection all the same.