Sleepless Nights

Pure bliss.
Pure nights
The times to be remembered.
More than any other.

A place,
I can be me.
A time to be free.
To be fine, being me.
I always am.
But now,
The care.

A sleepless night to come.
At rest.
Not wanting to see the day end.

Smiling uncontrollably,
To myself.
To the night gone by.
I hoped would never end.

It had to.
But my day has not.
The day to be me.
The care to see,
To share.

A day over,
A beautiful day,
A blissful night.
Another to come,
To share the bliss,
Share the love and care.

To show care,
For the uncared.
To help all I can.

Revitalised in my essence.
Made in this.
I am me.
The care I feel.

A feeling never to lose.
Holding on tight,
To never let go.
And to shine the light,
In the rest of my world.

A changed world.
Achanged me.
The demons chased away by my own hand.
A new me I have formed.
A new me.
To keep.

A sleepless, strange night.
Bliss found from an unexpected place.
A beautiful life.

A beautiful time.
A beautiful life.
A sleepless night,
Pondering this beautiful night.

A beautiful night, beautiful day, golden and bright.

The care, laughs and crazy time.

I cannot possibly put into words; the feeling.

One of, no, the best night. Many more of them to come, I’m better. Have been for a while. I’ve overcome my demons. Overcome the pain. Found a way. Revitalised by many things recently. And finally. A night of beauty, to mark a new me, a new path. To see the wonder and awe coming over the horizon.