Contemplative Fixations

Contemplative moments,
Fixations on thought.
Reminiscing and thinking,
Remembering all gone before me.

A world behind and lost,
But remembered.
A world ahead and in my making,
To be pursued.

Confused contemplation.
Millions of thoughts racing past,
Past my mind’s eye.
Clearing the thicket of the mind.

To move past.
To move on.
Into the future ahead.

Impact of a conversation

The impact of a conversation,
The way it frees and constrains,
Allows to see all there is,
Or to fixate on a single point.

Some good,
Some bad.
Some life-changing.

The curious impact of a conversation,
Even once ended,
Ongoing… in thought.

Continuing in time,
Within the mind.

Allows to see,
Into another.
To empathise, relate.
To question,
To make.

Creation of a world,
Made merely through words.
Creation in epic proportions.
Stirring the mind to brimming.

The creation of a world,
The impact of a mere conversation.

Pain, From A Good Thing

The pain that comes,
From a good thing,
A time of bliss.
A perfect moment shining,
In the ever-precious moment in the present,

Before being lost to the past,
Only kept as a golden memory.

A good thing,
Bringing pain for its temporary loss,
Total bliss in its finite moment,
Hope for the future, and the next…
Perfect moment.

Beautiful simplicity.
In those ever-small moments,
In those ever-cherished times.

A pain, bringing with it hope.
Bringing life.
Bringing another perfect time,
To be made in the future.
Hope for another.

This pain, for a good thing.
Bringing determination,
To make another.

A good pain.
Bringing hope, love and life.
The small pain,
Only for a time.
Bringing hope for what comes.
Bringing determination for a future not-yet made,
To make it my own,
My perfect moment.

To be made.
From a moment of pain, for a good thing.

I’m not in pain or hurt, I’m amazing and happy, happier than I can remember for most of my life with the exception of a few similar moments of bliss. However this happiness is so unusual. It feels like I’m waiting to find out it’s a lie. Or something. Like it’s too good to be true.

When something good comes, you miss it more when it’s gone, even only temporarily, and that’s the pain I mean. How a good thing pains you more in it’s small temporary absence, because, it’s the best of pure bliss.

All I can do is carry on, keep busy and keep my eye on my prize in life; all the achievements and goals I have and will gain as I want them.