Pain, From A Good Thing

The pain that comes,
From a good thing,
A time of bliss.
A perfect moment shining,
In the ever-precious moment in the present,

Before being lost to the past,
Only kept as a golden memory.

A good thing,
Bringing pain for its temporary loss,
Total bliss in its finite moment,
Hope for the future, and the next…
Perfect moment.

Beautiful simplicity.
In those ever-small moments,
In those ever-cherished times.

A pain, bringing with it hope.
Bringing life.
Bringing another perfect time,
To be made in the future.
Hope for another.

This pain, for a good thing.
Bringing determination,
To make another.

A good pain.
Bringing hope, love and life.
The small pain,
Only for a time.
Bringing hope for what comes.
Bringing determination for a future not-yet made,
To make it my own,
My perfect moment.

To be made.
From a moment of pain, for a good thing.

I’m not in pain or hurt, I’m amazing and happy, happier than I can remember for most of my life with the exception of a few similar moments of bliss. However this happiness is so unusual. It feels like I’m waiting to find out it’s a lie. Or something. Like it’s too good to be true.

When something good comes, you miss it more when it’s gone, even only temporarily, and that’s the pain I mean. How a good thing pains you more in it’s small temporary absence, because, it’s the best of pure bliss.

All I can do is carry on, keep busy and keep my eye on my prize in life; all the achievements and goals I have and will gain as I want them.

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