Worth the Pain?

Is it worth the pain?
To get that happiness and the high.
Missing it,
In those smallest moments,
Worth the wait.

To be dragged along.
Shown the way,
Before the throw-away.
Used and led,
My mistake.
My greatest time.
Is it worth the pain.
To get this high.

Hoping for the best.
Your best.
Everything good to go your way.
As I wonder.
Is it worth the pain?
For those best moments.
Those little times.

Here I sit.
Wondering into the night.

Remembering all those times,
Those good times,
And the bad.
Wondering to myself.

It’s worth it.
To see you smile.
To see you happy.
A pain that only comes,
Wanting to see you again.
For the next good time to come.
It’s worth the pain.
The pain of the wait.
To see your smile.

I am good,

I know I mention pain,

Got it from Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”

It’s the wait. For something good again to come, a good pain, though pain isn’t the word. The anticipation for another sweet moment.