The Hurt Of Love

The hurt of love
A hurt of care,
A hurt of kindness.

Wanting to help in those darkest times.
Caring, wanting to help.
The pain of being away,
Wanting to be close.
Anticipation of the time we’ll be close.
Hurt knowing,
The truth of how I feel will hurt you.

The truth of love,
It comes with hurt.
Overshadowed by blissful joy,
Every insignificant moment,
Everything to your eyes.
The flame that lights up the night.
That chases the cold away.

This pain, always overshadowed.
By the joy of being close,
The anticipation in those lonely nights,
When I get to see you again.

A dichotomy of existence,
The pain from love.
But love throughout all pain.

Waiting for another moment.
Another insignificant moment,
To consume me in feeling,
In bliss.

A love to pull others out of darkness,
As it does to me.

A love to share in solace when hurt strikes,
Strikes you or me.

An unconditional thing.
A small thing.
From a text in the morning,
A text before bed.
A text after your achievements.
A text to comfort your falls.

Small, but significant things.

To brighten up a day.
To remind you of your strength,
To console you in your hurt.

To be there.
No matter the distance.
No matter how far you go.
A care continues.

Pain from seeing you hurt,
A pain worth fighting,
To help you get better,
To comfort when help is something I cannot offer.

Oh how love hurts,
The pain, that comes with love.
A good pain, one that pushes you forward.
To be better,
To be yourself.
To extend your arms into the warm sunlight.
To make your world your own.

The pain of love.

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