This Happy, Caring Feeling.

This happy, caring feeling.
A warmth when the world around is cold.
The dark winter night surrounding.
But I feel warm and light.

Caring, in every way I can.
Feeling, it to my core.
Happy, to help with the smallest of things.

A feeling, another, I cannot describe.
I can’t fathom,
But only feel.
Feeling in the moment,
A fleeting, passing moment.
A moment, where all there is,
Is care.
Is love.

Wanting the best for another,
Hoping and doing all I can.
Supporting, in the only way I am able.
Willing, their best to shine through the darkness.
Out into the dark, for them to make their light.

A happy, caring feeling.
One I grasp,
One I hold.
Never wanting to let go.
The moment may pass.
But the feeling cannot.

I grasp hold,
To care for another.
To wish their successes.

I grasp hold. Wanting to care for them more.

But for now.
I hold.
Onto this happy, caring feeling.

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