Authored Loss

An authored loss.
The finite time.
A inevitable end,
The author to the loss.
Sitting, in bliss.
Knowing it’s to come.

Grasping at every moment,
While it is in the here and now.
For if I blink.
It’ll be gone and missed.
Sorely missed.

My time,
To stop its fade.

An author to the loss.
The loss:
Due to time.

Every precious moment.
Kept and held.

Every small time.
Remembered fondly,
For next, eventually.
Will come the authored loss unto time.

The Morning Rise

Morning Rise,
Parting the night,
The feeling of renewal.
A warm message, unexpected.

Time for change.
For a start.
To bolster myself,
Against the wind.

The morning rise,
A new day.
A new me,
To aboid the mistakes of the past.

The pains shoved deep into my heart.
The toxic presence.
Expelled with this new day.

Take Back My Night

Here I stand.
Reaching into darkness,
To take back my night.

To show my strength.
To take back my night.
From those who hurt and wrong me.
Showig them my true face.
Taking their power,
To hurt me.

And chucking them out.
Into the cold darkest depths where they belong.
My night.
My life.
My making.
To show my strength.
Taking back my night.

No time to falter,
I claim my rightful day,
My life for happiness.
No matter how the darkness tries,
It’ll never take me back.
I fight.
I stand.
In solid defiance.

To take back my night.
Defiance of the darkness.
Those bad feelings,
Hurtful deeds committed against me.

I am here to stand and fight.
To fight the pain away.
To make and claim my night.
Claim my life.
To take back my life.

Doing better, listening to music that gets me happier, don’t spend time on those who don’t care, on those who don’t see you for how amazing you are. If they don’t see. That’s their problem. Their future regret. The nicest people try to see good in those who don’t deserve it. I will see, I will look and I will empty my mind, heart, soul and care for those who don’t deserve it. Those who hurt me and continue to and those who there is no point in wasting my mind in trying to help when all I receive is pain.

The music gets me in a defiant and good mood.