The Way Life Goes

The way life goes
Flies in those smallest moments.
The singing of the world.

Combination of love.
Being in being.
Living life,
The way it goes.

The way it moves,
The way it flows.
Life and the tough moments.
A mere episode,
Part of a larger series.

What it is.
Will be.

The chimes of being,
A song of the making.
My song to make my own.
To orchestrate.
To make my own.

Without a Trace

Leaving, turning my back.
One moment in the thick of it.
The next, empty space.
Blurred time.

A gentle breeze of passing.
Without a trace.

A time for change,
A time to go.
Off I disappear. Without a trace.

The moments, the people,
Turning heads.
Empty space.
Left with wonder.
Left with doubt.
Clueless to cause.
Nothing of the knowledge.

Without a trace.

The emptiness left behind.
Much change?
Figure once present,
Now forgotten.
To memory, to time.
An hollow space.
An empty reminder.
Of a place I once stood.

Without a trace.

I’m okay, quite good actually. Just thinking. Lots change so fast. Some things stay the same.

Just thinking and I get random thoughts that spur writing.

All Of Me

That feeling,
All of me,
Shown to you.

Whole before,
But with you, something more.

Me before you.
All I can.

All I would do,
For you.
I cannot even know.

In those brightest moments,
All I can think of is you.

Those times shared,
Feelings felt.
All of me,
When I’m with you.

All those times shared.
The bright to move with.
All you say.
All you do.
All I would do for you.
Anything, to help you better.

You have all of me.
In care,
In love, never to falter.
Trust me, I’ve tried.

A golden person,
Kind, caring, meaningful, intelligent and beautiful.
A model to behold.

Your hurt,
Becommingg mine,
To help and hold.
Care and console.
To hold your hand and fight it through.

No matter what you face,
Never alone if you don’t want to be.

I’ll have your back.
Be by your side.
Care when you’re down.
Hold you up,
To stop you drown.
All of me.
All I can offer.

Deserved and meaningful.
Beautiful and blissful.
Never will I forget.

All of me.

The way you are,
Perfect to me,
Nevermind how I try to see past.
Reality hitting me hard.
Your beauty and kindness is always there.
My love and care.
I try.
All I can.

All of me.

I could spend all night writing this.

I really want to. But cannot, should not.

All my feelings. Bursting me at the seams.

The feelings,

The perfection from normalcy. From reality.

Being, living in a perfection.

Loving, living, being life, alive.

Words can never explain.

But poetry is be best way I can try.

All of me. In a poem. My very best. All I have. All I can. All I offer. All of me.