Sincere Embrace

Sincere embrace,
True moment.
Just resting,
In your embrace,
Comfort, care.

The way I rest in your arms,
You in mine.

A moment,
Detached from reality,
Falling out of time.

A simple, true, perfect moment.
The world gone simple,
But for a moment.

A moment to prove.
My feelings,

To be by your side,
And you by mine.
Content, simple and kind.

Just being there.

Lost in our moment.


From a sincere embrace.

Writing this watching Stranger Things, thinking of things, thinking of feelings, moments, emotions, and the many heartfelt embraces in the final episode of season 2.

The Inexplainable

This feeling,
This moment by your side,

A beauty,
Both inside and out.
Beauty unaware to itself.

What I feel,
The feelings,
Are inexplainable.
A warmth to stave away the cold
A light to shine in the darkest places.
Casual yet also phenomenal.

The best of times,
To give light to the future,
Hope for being,
Strength for bettering.

Oh what you do to me,
This inexplainable feeling,
The time in the moment.

My feelings,
Words inadequate.
Thoughts mixed and convoluted.

Afraid to hurt you,
To be hurt again myself,
But the feeling,
This feeling,
The good and the bad.

No, not any bad.
Just the fears to be realised and conquered.
Pain to be healed and put aside.

Inexplainable feeling,
My heart beating.
Mind racing,
A kind heart, you,
Melting my heart in place.

Oh I sit here thinking.
Just thinking.

This inexplainable feeling,
Inexplainable thoughts

As I sit here thinking.

Not really happy with this poem, been writing it on and off for most of the day.

Can’t get it right to explain the feeling, but I guess that’s apt for this inexplainable feeling.

Just thinking, happy, but thinking. Happy. But yeah.

Lots of rambling, writing the end half of it while watching the last episode of Stranger Things season 2.