Off Into

Off into, I walk.

Into the desert,
A warm golden glow,
Over the mountain again.

I keep walking,
Right into.
Into the horizon.

An endless journey,
Off I go.
Off into.

Off into time,

Off thinking.
Off into.


Trust the Feeling

In peace,
Waiting, thinking.
My mind spinning with glee.
Thinking of you.

Trust the feeling.
The feeling that grabs me,
Away from my once-clouded thoughts.
A feeling that compliments me. Before. Us.
Not tearing it away.

I wish to tell you,
How I feel,
To trust the feeling.
I’m afraid to hurt you,
To push you.
I only wish to help
To be there for you.

How I wish,
To be there for you,
To have you there, for me.

Trust the feeling,
I have to.
To try.
To do what I can,
To help her,
I would really do anything for her.
To see her smile,
To see her face,
Brightens my day.

Oh how I’m unsure,
If I should trust my feelings.
Though I want to.
I want to.
Trust my feelings.