Blog of an Overthinker

A blog, about my overthinking.

The poems written today, all to do with my overthinking. They seem negative, even if they are, I am okay and do not mean them as such. I use poetry to get overthinking out and off my chest.

A really close friend of I, bumped into me today, they brightened up my day, and saved me from overthinking and put me in a good mood for the rest of my shift at work. For the rest of the day.

Overthinking is a battle, for your own mind, yourself.

It’s caused me heartache and depression for, multiple times and such lowest depths.

But honestly I am okay, overall greater than I have been for such a long time, feeling much better. I have gotten stronger. I will overcome all my struggles.

But one thing I haven’t lied about. The love and care, I hold for this person, but also that I do not want this care to hurt them. But I care about them and will do what I can to help.

Poems today, a product of overthinking:

Memory of a Time
Reluctant Tear
Hate that I Love You, But I do.
To Bear the Rough

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