Ordinary Perfection

Ordinary perfection.
From your small kindness.
Something simple,
Something small.
But for me, it’s
Meaningful and perfect.

To know someone cares,
Someone understands.
I hope to show the same kindness.
Understanding, care, and compassion.

So perfect,
Kind, caring.

A laughing moment,
Joking moment,
Casual moment,
Working moment,
Stressed moment,
Fun moment.
Many moments,
Small, ordinary moments.
Nice perfect moments.

Someone I deeply care about,
Who can always rely on me.
A person who embodies perfection,
Of the best kind,
A real, ordinary perfection.

Writing, feeling much better. Thinking of the friend who helped me tonight.

The title could be misconstrued, I mean how some such ordinary or small things can be the most perfect.

Like my friend Ruby giving me their favourite book that reminds them of me, it was so so similar to me, and I kept finding more things to relate to.

My friend I mentioned earlier, just really care about them, always hoping that they’re okay, always wanting to help when I can. They’ve been so nice and are one of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Someone who, somehow, unbelievably, brightens my day when I see her, even if I’m stressed or worried, just seeing her, somehow changes that.

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